I don't think I'll be posting on here pretty much at all anymore. Due to the ease of use and the shear number of people on Tumblr I will be posting on there only from now on. I will keep this blog up as an archive. I have gone back and watermarked a number of my posts due to a recent art theft from the blog.  

98: Ponies and Projects

Hello everyone! I've finally got another post up for you all!

The first image I’ve got today silly doodle of Bri and Witchy ponies. Why? Because they are far too fun to draw.

The next image is the spawn of an art block I had, in which I went back to what first got me into taking drawing a little more seriously, Sailor freakin’ Moon.

The next two are from my contribution to the Sketchbook Project. My disgruntled cat Sasha makes her first apperance! As well as a dragon who started out as a weird blob of paint that soaked through from the page before it. That adorable little griffon is Gryf, who I created last year for my Thesis project at MECA.

I’ve got another pony image for Wanda, this one is an early birthday gift for her! I’ll be sticking in the mail at some point for her.

The last image is a badge commission I did for someone on DA. I had a total blast drawing and coloring Tru’s character, she just so darn cute!


97: Catch up!

Hey everyone! Just catching this up with the images I've posted on my tumblr!

This is the first sketch in my book for the Sketch Book Project. I've also added this image to my colored image section on my website!

It seems each time I draw Rei she gets more and more tattoos. She has gained a chest piece, 2 thigh pieces, a full sleeve and a neck piece! I really have way too much fun drawing her with all of her tattoos, she's so different from all my other characters.

Another picture of Rei. Unfortunately the image I used for a ref has been deleted from the DeviantArt gallery I found it on. this image is from the same set and really similar to the image I used.
For those of you that don't know, I LOVE My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Derpy has to be one of my favorite characters. I colored her in like 5 mins with photoshop.

I posted this sketch earlier and thought it would be cool to color it quickly in photoshop while keeping the quality of the sketch. I'll probably make it into my new icon for here since the one I'm currently using is a little out of date.

That's all I've got for you guys tonight! I'll try to be better at keeping my Blogger and Tumblr on the same page.


96: Sketches Galore!

Hello hello everyone! I've got a whole bunch of stuff tonight. First off, I have an announcement. I will be cross posting my sketches into my shiny new tumblr http://brisketches.tumblr.com/ so that way if you have a tumblr you can follow me! :D

My first thing isn't a sketch at all, but a little piece that I did for fun of Addison and I as ponies! As you can see, I kind of love the new My Little Pony show...its addicting and awesome.

More ponies! This time its my awesome friend Wanda and I, she is the pegasus pony!
This was a little doodle when I was trying to come up with a new icon for myself for various websites, since the one I'm currently using is out of date, and yup, more ponies XD
Last ponies for the night I swear! XD Just Wanda and I again. I couldn't settle on a cutie mark for her, I switched back and forth between bats and a witch hat (since she is Witchy Wanda)
I did this when I was having an awful time drawing. Nothing was coming out the way I wanted it to, so I defaulted back to Thursday being all cute and stuff.

Pokemon! Its been a little while since I drew some Pokemon. Here we've got Jolteon looking all guilty and Flareon being super happy! I had a little too much fun drawing Flareon again. XD
Just a squishy little chibi Miku wearing some kitty ears! Its been a LONG time since I drew with that much anime in my style, it was fun to do something I haven't done in a while.
A little doodle I did when I was thinking of Valentines Day coming up. I might make it into a Valentine for Addison, though I know he'll see it so it won't be much of a surprise! Oh well.
Another Thursday, this time in full on Papillon mode with little stars in her eyes.
More Pokemon! This time we've got Umbreon sneaking a quick kiss on Espeon's fluffy cheek! I was still thinking about Valentines day :3

Another one from the day I couldn't draw. I kinda like this one actually. I might go back and try it again on a day when I'm having better luck! It would make a fun bookmark.
This is my character from a PC game called Skyrim. She is a Khajiit, which is basically an anthropomorphic cat of any large wild cat species. She's usually decked out head to toe in armor, so I thought it would be nice to draw her in some normal clothing. The drawing had a little note along the side that was a reminder to take health potions, which I seem to forget to do when in the middle of battle.
That is all I have for everyone tonight, I hope that you guys enjoyed this and that if you have a tumblr you'll follow me!

95: Studies

Good evening everyone! I've got some more sketches for you tonight :D I've been doing some studies recently trying to improve my canine anatomy skills which have been really interesting to do. Onward to the doodles!

First up is my all time favorite Senshi from Sailor Moon; Sailor Saturn. :D

Here's a theme I haven't used in a while, Alice in Wonderland. I've been using the theme to create pieces that are symbols of where I am at that point in my life for about 6 years. If you remember I did one last year over the summer as I was getting ready to enter my Senior year at MECA, facing the idea of being out of school and in the 'real world', plus I had some issues going on at home during the time. The idea behind this one is thinking towards the future and all the uncertainties that it brings.

Thursday is just so confused sometimes. *pat pat*

Thursday and Addison being all lovey-dovey and adorable.
My character Nameless accompanied by some wolf studies. I had started to draw her and then wanting to make her wolf body correctly I found some refs and did 2 quick studies before tackling her body.

This last one is a little something for my inner child. When I was a kid I was OBSESSED with foxes, mostly red foxes but really any fox made me happy. I realized I don't draw foxes, ever, so I took some time before work and did these studies. After doing those wolf ones I really notice the anatomical differences between the two. There is a little doodle of my cat Sasha in the upper left, she was meowing at me the whole time I was doing these studies :3
That's all I've got for tonight. Thanks for being awesome.


94: Back for 2012!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday and a super awesome start to the new year. Sorry for being so inactive lately, life has this great way of consuming my time. I've got a bunch of goodies to share with you tonight though! :D

First up of course is Thursday! This was just a little fun winter themed image I did for myself. I added my favorite mug (which Addison made back in 2007) and my favorite toasty drink, hot chocolate! :D

Another toasty beverage picture I did as a gift for someone on DeviantArt starring their character Michelle. I really enjoyed making this piece for her, the challenge of working with all the different browns without having them all blend into one was nice.

I am apparently on a kick of drawing people drinking, maybe its the trouble I have with the hands to make it look like they are actually holding something and that the object isn't just sort of floating between their hands.
Here we have Jing and his boyfriend Dominick enjoying yummy drinks together. I'm not sure what it is, but I imagine Jing being a sort of coffee snob while Dominick is content with his bubble tea.

Maybe Dominick isn't as content with his bubble tea after all! It must be all that tasty whipped cream on Jing's coffee drink that he's after.

I drew this masterpiece on the bus heading back to Portland from Caribou after the holidays at 8 am. I have no idea where it came from, but it gave me a good laugh...maybe I was just tired XD

Another 8am bus doodle, a happy little floating Thursday head! :D
Yup, more tasty drink pictures. This one is of my friend Wanda's kitty character Witchy with her favorite coffee.

My much unloved D&D character Rei getting some attention tonight. I've finally figured out her half sleeve tattoo of the Enterprise and she seems pretty happy about it.
Last tasty beverage image for the night, I promise! This one is for my roommate Kiwi, complete with flask. Only she knows whats in that flask.

This is a piece that I created for a poetry book contest. They were accepting images that they would be interested in placing with poems for the book, cross your fingers!

This piece was also created for the contest.

That's all I have for you guys tonight! I hope that you have a great night! :D


Hello everyone, sorry for being silent after completing my coloring book, but the holiday sale kept me busy and then preparing for the holidays have been keeping me busy as well. I'm currently at home with my family for the week. This is the first time I've seen them in over 6 months, so I'm really excited to be home. When I return to Portland I'll be posting some of the things I've been working on.

Thanks so much for being awesome, and I hope you guys have a fantastic and safe holiday!

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